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Researched and conducted by brand-specific experts with an average of 19.5 years experience within their brand, Autologic training courses are specifically designed to further a technician's knowledge of both the vehicle systems that they are working on and demonstrate how the Autologic diagnostic tool can be used most effectively. 




Consisting of both theory and practical workshops, the duration of each course is one day, held in a dedicated training area at our Oxfordshire office for UK customers.  Overseas training events are held in a variety of appropriate venues dependent upon the specific host country.

Benefit to your business

We understand that time away from a workshop is precious but we strongly believe that the benefits gained from our training courses outweigh the cons of being away from your business.  Autologic training courses are compiled with the end user in mind and are often based on the type of enquires received into our technical support teams day-in day-out, so we are confident that the courses we offer are not only relevant but will ultimately arm the technician with a greater understanding of the vehicles to enable them to be repaired more efficiently.

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For UK based training: All courses are subject to a fee per person (excluding VAT) with payment due 30 days prior to the course date.  Prices for courses are detailed individually on the course information sheet.

All delegates receive a complimentary* course content manual, certificate of attendance and lunch.

*Please note that due to the comprehensive technical manual required for BMW courses, (Parts 1-7), an additional charge of £150 per person per manual applies.

For overseas training:  Refer to the individual course summary pdf for any applicable course fees.

Please note that all payment for training events should be made in GBP sterling unless otherwise stated.

"I always feel I learn a little more each time I use this system."

Alan Hanney, Owner, Automotion, Galway, Ireland