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Autologic Diagnostics produce a regular company newsletter which contains articles and information about the company and the Autologic tool.  Sent via email to all our customers worldwide, it is a useful source of additional information and hopefully a great read too!

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Issue 12: April 2013
Spotlight: Autologic Announces A New Arrival - Dacia
Tech Corner Topic: VW Passat 3C Common Fault Fix

Issue 11: December 2012
Spotlight: Coming OUt His Den - An interview with Autologic's US IT & Hardware Manager
Tech Corner Topic: Autologic and the MINI Challenge

Issue 10: October 2012
Spotlight:  UK NCTS Review
Tech Corner Topic: 4x4 Vehicles

Issue 9: May 2012
Spotlight:  Autologic Hits The 10K Mark!
Tech Corner Topic: Updated User Manual

Issue 8: December 2011
Spotlight:  An A-Z of Autologic
Tech Corner Topic: Jaguar & Land Rover Module Programming

Issue 7: August 2011
Spotlight: Interview with Autologic's Principal Engineer
Tech Corner Topic: Connecting Autologic to a computer

Issue 6: April 2011
Spotlight: US National Conference & Tech Sessions
Tech Corner Topic: MINI BC1 Complaints

Issue 5: November 2010
Spotlight: London to Cape Town Record Attempt
Tech Corner Topic: Range Rover L322 Common Fault -Air Suspension

Issue 4: June 2010
Spotlight: Autologic BMW versus dealer tool
Tech Corner Topic: BMW F-Series Development

Issue 3: March 2010
Spotlight: Dension
Tech Corner Topic: Flash Programming

Issue 2: November 2009
Spotlight: Interview with Autologic's Senior Hardware Engineer
Tech Corner Topic: Technical Forum

Issue 1: August 2009
Spotlight: Battery charging
Tech Corner Topic:Logging