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Press Articles...

Below are a select number of published articles from trade and consumer publications that Autologic has featured in and which we hope will be of interest to you.

Press articles are reproduced with the express permission of the publisher and are available in the language of the country of origin only.

To view the article in full, please select the relevant title or to visit the publication's own website, click on the link provided.


May 2010    Professional Motor Mechanic
"Boxster of Tricks"; technical advice on Porsche central locking for 986 Boxster



April 2010    AutoTimes
"Always Remember the Three C's"; a generic guide to fault finding




Feb 2010 (issue 2)      Service magazine
"Autologic Flash - Saviour of the ECU?"; the importance of flash programming




Jan 2010     Professional Motor Mechanic
"Live & Let Diagnos"; a review of Autologic training


Oct 2009     Aftermarket
"Test Bench - Looking to Buy A Diagnostic Tool"; Autologic tool under independant review


Sept 2009   Body
"Opinion Time - Diagnostic Equipment"; why diagnostic equipment is important to bodyshops