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Diagnostics for ROLLS-ROYCE...

Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE is the world's first dealer-level diagnostic software for this most prestigious of car manufacturers for those independent garages servicing a more deluxe customer base.  Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE enables independent garages to provide comprehensive ROLLS-ROYCE servicing in their own workshops, without relying on dealer availability.

Using simple touch-screens with extensive help menus, Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE provides real-time data, component activation, programming, coding and read and clear fault codes.


Coverage and Capability

Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE covers all vehicles from 2003 onwards

In addition to the standard coverage, highlights of Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE also include the following functions:

  • Coding and programming
  • Engine and immobiliser alignment
  • Adjustment and adaptations for drive and chassis
  • Complete component activation
  • Real-time reading of all dynamic data
  • Reading and resetting of fault codes
  • Condition based service (CBS)
  • Quick test / Quick clear


Further Information

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